Saturday, November 3, 2012

The little things

Casey had a great week of training, front squatting 50 for 3 sets of 10, bench pressing 50 for 3 sets of 10, and deadlift will be today.

For cardio he did sprints on the treadmill without the belt moving.  He had to make it move under his own power, so it was like pushing a sled.  10 seconds on, then monitor heart rate until he was recovered then go again, 8 times through.  Gave him the first case of the "Prowler" flu and he didn't eat supper until after 8:30 he was so wasted.  The other cardio day he did 20 minutes on the airdyne.  He hates that thing.  With good reason of course, it does suck.

I am still hitting the yoga, it is all I can do for now.  Hope to get back to running and doing some cardio after seeing my doc in December.  The goal is not to die again so whatever he says goes. 

Lit the coal/wood stove.  Weather has been crappy and I hope to get out at least one more time to fish.  With that being one of my most favorite hobbies, I am going to be in trouble when the ice comes.  I dont ice fish.

So I will be focused 100% on Casey's training and diving head first back into something I picked up when I was 14 and into Nirvana: the guitar.  Time to get my licks back.  I used to be decent, I want to be better.

Other then that it will be focusing on the kids and the home improvements.  My dining room looks great, really opened the place up, so once the whole house is painted and the new carpet is laid, it will look right how we want it. 

It is good to see my friends hitting lifting goals.  I miss the hell out of it, but it is good to see them pushing on.  Stay on track fellas, cause I have 3 sons that are going to challenge every bar you set.

Speaking of training, I am getting a kick out of my grip lately.  I have been doing nothing but YRG yoga, yet I continue to smoke hard grippers without training and without warming up???  I dont get it.  But I think it is funny.

Hope to have a relaxing weekend.  Going to work on trimming the walls, and maybe some painting.  Depends on how the mood strikes me.  PSU plays at 3:30.  I hope we can pull out of the slump and beat Purdue, but that OSU loss may have been the beginning of the end.  Ah well.  The Steelers looked good beating up the Redskins, maybe we can beat up the Giants too.

I guess that is enough for now.

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