Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sometimes you have a great night

I had an hour to get my waders on and get to the lake.  It was 72 degrees and I had a feeling the fish would be hungry and chasing the shad.  I was right.

Plus a big perch that I couldnt get a good pic of.  I had a ton more bites, but I am still learning to really set those weedless shad.
Casey did:
-Bench press with PVC pipe: 40 for 3x10
-Body tricep ext: 3x10
-DB curls: 10s for 3x10
-Hang from bombs: 57 seconds.  20 second improvement from last week!
Hope I can get out again before the weather turns.  Had the sun not faded so fast, I could have caught a ton more.  The bite is on fellas.  Get out and get some before the snow flies!


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