Tuesday, October 23, 2012

10/22/12 and 10/23/12


-Back squats: 55 for 3x10 EZ.
-Glute-hams: 3x10
-Calves: 45 for 3x20
-Head harness: 15 for 3x10 both ways
-15 pound db holds with fat grips: 48 seconds.  That is 20 seconds better then last week.

Then we tried to have him hang from a thick bar but he isnt strong enough yet.  He dropped, then the thick bar fell and damn near took his head off.  My wife would have been quite upset!  LOL!

-1 set of lunges up my 40 yard driveway.

Today: 10 hill sprints up a steep ASS HILL!

Yoga galore for me!

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